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2017 is the Year of the Rooster!

Here are two brand new Roosters added to the KCN Line in January at the TNNA Market:

KCA 41-18 Kitchen Rooster KCA 42-18 Kitchen Hen

KCA 41-18
KCA 42-18

This darling pair has a real Provence/Country French flair to their style. I am currently stitching these two gorgeous designs and yes there will be Lots and lots of STUMPWORK!

I am teaching the Rooster canvas at three different Shops this year.

Sign up at either

In Stitches, Atlanta for a Mid-March workshop

or at

The WEST in Tucson, AZ on first weekend of April workshop

or at

Louise's Needlework in Powell, OH for a Late-September workshop.

and of course, you'll just have to buy the Hen...because, what's a Rooster without his Hen?

Watch for more new Roosters...and check out my other Blog for a tour of my Rooster Collection!

These Country Sampler Roosters have been in the Kelly Clark Needlepoint Line for a couple of years now. I love how they have a more Classic Country Primitive flavor!

KCA 27-18 KCA 28-18

Hen Canvas

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