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Where do I begin to tell the story of Me & Baskets?  I am Passionate about baskets!  I have collected Baskets since my college days.  I have baskets in every size, shape & color imaginable. Antique, Vintage or brand matters not! Something about the various fibers in a woven pattern just gets to me!  

Soooo, how did my needlepoint baskets come about you may ask?

I first saw a dimensional basket on a piece done by Karen Lea in 2007, a phenomenal stitcher from Houston, TX. That was it!  I was smitten.  About a year later, I had the chance to take a class in dimensional needleweaving from Francis Jue, shop owner in Houston, TX.

I have been weaving little baskets ever since!  The techniques have been practiced and perfected.  I even did a DVD with Amy Bunger on the technique of Needleweaving!

So those four years of college and a Bachelors degree in Art DID lead me to Basketweaving!

Stitch one of my Baskets, today!

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